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The 2nd EAI International Conference on IoT in Urban Space

May 24–25, 2016 | Tokyo, Japan

Full papers

Understanding the Impact of Geographical Context on Subjective Well-Being of Urban Citizens

Afra Mashhadi, Sourav Bhattacharya and Fahim Kawsar.

"...when you’re a Stranger": Evaluating Safety Perceptions of (un)familiar Urban Places

Martin Traunmueller, Paul Marshall and Licia Capra.

City Happenings into Wikipedia Category: Classifying Urban Events by Combining Analyses of Location-based Social Networks and Wikipedia

Shoya Sato, Takuro Yonezawa, Jin Nakazawa, Hitoshi Kawasaki, Ken Oota, Hiroshi Inamura and Hideyuki Tokuda

Location History Knows What You Like: Estimation of User Preference from Daily Location Movement

Shinnosuke Wanaka and Kota Tsubouchi.

A Day of Your Days: Estimating Individual Daily Journeys Using Mobile Data to Understand Urban Flow

Eduardo Graells-Garrido and Diego Saez-Trumper.

Guns of Brixton: which London neighborhoods host gang activity? Alessandro Venerandi, Giovanni Quattrone and Licia Capra.

EstaVis: A Real-World Interactive Platform for Crowdsourced Visual Urban Analytics

Julio De Melo Borges, Matthias Budde, Till Riedel and Michael Beigl.


Crowd Geofencing

Shinichi Konomi and Tomoyo Sasao.

Defining Rules Among Devices in Smart Environment Using an Augmented Reality Headset

Heonjin Park, Kyle Koh, Yuri Choi, Han Joo Chae, Jeongin Hwang and Jinwook Seo.

Weaving Urban Spaces through Visible Green to Increase the Awareness of Green Networks

Kazuki Wakasa and Shinichi Konomi.

Urban Anomaly Detection: a Use-Case for Participatory Infra-Structure Monitoring

Julio Borges, Till Riedel and Michael Beigl.

Evaluating urban neighbourhoods in terms of mobility performances, using open data and GPS tracks to assess actual people travel behaviour

Matilde Oliveti, Stefan van der Spek and Wilko Quak.

Where is the Money Made? An Interactive Visualization of Profitable Areas in New York City

Keven Richly and Ralf Teusner.

A Context-Aware Recommender System Framework for IoT based Interactive Digital Signage in Urban Space

Mengru Tu, Yi-Kuo Chang and Yi-Tan Chen.

Decision Tree Analysis of Tourists' Preferences Regarding Tourist Attractions Using Geotag Data from Social Media

Takashi Nicholas Maeda, Mitsuo Yoshida, Fujio Toriumi and Hirotada Ohashi.

Where Are You Talking From?: Estimating the Location of tweets Using Recurrent Neural Networks

Makoto Kawano and Kazuhiro Ueda.

Private Rendezvous-based Calibration of Low-Cost Sensors for Participatory Environmental Sensing

Jan-Frederic Markert, Matthias Budde, Gregor Schindler, Markus Klug and Michael Beigl.

DevOps for the Urban IoT

John Moore, Gerd Kortuem, Andrew Smith, Niaz Chowdhury, Jose Cavero and Daniel Gooch.


BlueParking: An IoT based Parking Reservation Service for Smart Cities

Mohammad Amin Taherkhani, Ryoma Kawaguchi, Navid Shirmohammad and Masaaki Sato.

Visualizing Air Pollution Experiences

Ana Regia de M. Neves and Licia Capra.

Clustering for Road Damage Locations Obtained by Smartphone Accelerometers

Junji Takahashi, Daichi Shioiri, Yuki Shida, Yusuke Kobana, Ryuji Suzuki, Yuto Kobayashi, Naoya Isoyama, Guillaume Lopez and Yoshito Tobe.

Dynamic Polling Algorithm for Low Energy Garbage Level Measurement in Smart Trash Bin

Slamet Kristanto, Takeshi Yashiro, Noboru Koshizuka and Ken Sakamura.

Clustering for collaborative processing in IoT network

J Sathish Kumar and Mukesh A Zaveri.

Spatial Behaviors of Individuals in Cities: Case Studies in Data Tracking and Scaling

Lynnette Widder, Joy Ko, Jessie Braden and Kyle Steinfeld.

How to Build Infrastructureless Information-Centric Wireless Spaces using Autonomous Hubs

Marat Zhanikeev.

Communal Parameters: A Study into Using Community-wide Learned Prediction Models in Individual Users

Dunstan Matekenya, Masaki Ito, Werner Creixell, Ryosuke Shibasaki and Kaoru Sezaki.

Localization for Collaborative Processing in the Internet of Things Framework

Saurabh Kumar Pandey and Mukesh A Zaveri.

Tales from the Coalface: Lessons on Deploying Situated Urban IoT in the Wild

Mara Balestrini, Sarah Gallacher and Yvonne Rogers.

Evaluating urban neighbourhoods in terms of mobility performances, using open data and GPS tracks to assess actual people travel behaviour

Matilde Oliveti, Stefan van der Spek and Wilko Quak.

An Easy Infrastructure Management Method Using On-Board Smartphone Images and Citizen Reports by Deep Neural Network

Hiroya Maeda, Yoshihide Sekimoto and Toshikazu Seto.